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Dear Highly Sensitive Souls, HSPs, Intuitives, Empaths, Helpers, Artists, and Healers:

"If You're Tired of Trying to Fit Into Someone Else's Box, Let Me Show You How You CAN Create a
Life -- and a Lifestyle -- That Truly Works For You"

Starts June 11, 2009

If You Know Deep Down That You Are Here to Make a Powerful Difference, But Feel Overwhelmed By The World's Intensity

I'm Here to Help You Find a Deep Sense of Inner Rightness With Yourself & Your Sensitivity
So You Can Find the Authentic, Meaningful Work
You Were Put Here to Do AND
Do It in a Highly Sensitive Way


Keep reading for all the details...

Dear Sensitive Soul,

I've been where you are right now, feeling like being highly sensitive is a huge obstacle in your life, knowing that you are ready to be up to big things in the world, but feeling like there's no way you'll be able to because you are limited by your sensitivity.

MAYBE you've gotten to where you can see SOME of the positives in being sensitive, but aren't quite sure where to head now. You might be feeling stuck at home, not sure which job to try next (because the ones you've had have burnt you out, left you exhausted, and just a little cynical about yourself and the world).

Maybe you've EVEN arrived at the place where you know that it's okay to be sensitive and you'd like to find a way to use the gifts of your sensitivity, but you're drawn to so many things that you don't know which one to pick, or if it's even possible to be successful doing what you love. It's so confusing!

The Cost of Struggling with Your Sensitivity

When you struggle with being highly sensitive, and don't know how to live a life that actually works with this trait, you may feel exhausted by your life, and even depressed or anxious. You may be using almost all of your available energy just to get through the day.

Do you ever find yourself asking, "What's wrong with me?" Most sensitives do, because we've been trained that it's not okay to be highly sensitive in this not-so-sensitive world.

Despite this, you're probably trying to keep up with all the "Shoulds" and societal expectations, like how many hours you should be working, where you should be working, how much you should be socializing, how much time out in the world you should be able to handle, how many volunteer causes you should be donating your time, energy, and money to, or even how many friends and family members you should be supporting. Ugh.

You might even be beating yourself up all the while for not being able to sustain that kind of output, and you're taking a huge toll on your health and well being in the process. It probably feels like you just don't fit with the rest of the world.

The cost of this struggle against yourself is that you are not sharing your powerful gifts with the world. As sensitives, we are the sages, psychics, prophets, wise women, medicine men, intuitives, and seers. When you hide out, feeling ashamed of being sensitive and of not being about to "do it like everybody else," the planet can't benefit from the wisdom, beauty, and depth you are here to share.

There's a further cost as well: When you don't know "how to be in the world" as a sensitive soul, you won't earn the income or live the lifestyle you deserve.

As one of the planet's wisdom-keepers, it's imperative that you are well-compensated for your efforts, do your work in an impactful, effective way, and be nurtured, supported, and protected so you can make a sustainable contribution in a way that feels inspiring and uplifting to YOU and the people around you.


The Good News:
You Don't Need To,
and In Fact You Shouldn't,
Try To Fit In With the Rest of the World

sunlightThe answer is NOT:
"you just have to learn to be less sensitive."

The answer IS that you need to learn to be your FULL, sensitive self -- to learn who you are on a deep, essential level, and live your life from THERE.

When you embrace your essence, and LIVE your essence, everything else organizes itself around you, including money, love, relationships, career, and family.

The key is to shape your career, your environments, and your lifestyle to be fully integrated with your sensitivity and who you really are so that it really works for you.

"I make my living from my sensitivity... My whole life now is focused on things of deep importance and meaning for me -- for the first time ever!"

Angela's picture"When I began working with Jenna in 2005, I felt shy, anxious, depressed, and very introverted: I believed that I suffered from quite severe social phobia and spent almost all my time on my own at home.

"I felt scared to push myself out into the world, particularly for working or socialising. I had just left a job that was totally unsuitable for me -- working in an administrative position with a huge amount of pressure and deadlines --  and I had no idea what I wanted to do next. I was physically and emotionally unwell.

"By the time I finished Jenna's 'Embrace Your Essential Self' course, my entire world had changed -- I discovered my Soul's Essential Purpose and I knew what to do to get there.

"I am thrilled to be doing my Authentic Work now and making the unique difference I am here to make in the world. My whole life now is focused on things of deep importance and meaning for me -- for the first time ever!

"If you are considering this programme, DO IT, DO IT, DO IT!!! This programme is so effective: you’ll journey to depths within yourself within a matter of weeks that could take months or years in regular therapy, if at all.

I’ve experienced great shifts in my self-confidence and self-esteem, and it was also hugely helpful for me in dealing with depression and anxiety. In fact, it eliminated social anxiety and a profound shyness altogether!

"Four years after taking Jenna's powerful programme I continue to live my authentic life, now running my own business where I make my living from my sensitivity and helping other high sensitives. The growth and knowledge I gained working with Jenna helped me create the life I desired."

~ Angela Dunning
Founder, Equine Reflections
providing Equine Assisted Growth


Why I Am So Passionate About Helping You
End the Struggle with Your High Sensitivity
and Find Work You Love

When I first discovered I was highly sensitive, I felt relieved to know I wasn't crazy or broken, but I didn't know how to even BEGIN to create a life that would really work with my sensitivity or allow me to survive in our, let's face it, pretty crazy world. I knew I would have to completely overhaul my life, but honestly, it seemed totally impractical even to consider it.

For one thing, I didn't even really know what I wanted. In theory I had a good job and a nice place to live, but I was miserable. My life had been hijacked by all my internalized "shoulds" about what I was supposed to be doing and what was acceptable. On top of it, as an empathic, sensitive soul, I was absorbing other people's ideas and emotional imprints about what was best for me.

As a result, I was pretty lost. Sure, I was good at what I was doing, but I didn't LOVE it or feel like I was making the difference I wanted to be making. Everyday I would leave my house filled with dread as I walked to my job as an urban designer. I wanted to be doing something meaningful, but I just didn't know how. My career just wasn't doing it.

My friends and family all said, "Can't you just make the best of this? You have a great job! What's the problem?" And, "But you've invested so much time, money, and energy into earning your degrees -- how can you even consider giving it all up?"

As much as I believed these were good questions (they're not), I still felt sick at heart.

I did have lots of ideas what I could do, but no idea where to get started. There were too many choices, too many obstacles (financial and otherwise), and no solutions. I was good at so many things but none of them interested me deeply.


"My sensitivity is no longer a burden
I struggle with daily... I have learned
who I really am and
what my true desires are."

chris"I am not the same person I was before I started the 'Embrace Your Essential Self' program, and that says a lot. I have learned who I really am and what my true desires are.

Accepting my sensitivity, rather than fighting it, has increased my happiness tenfold.

"I am now true to myself, which has spilled over into all other areas of my life, including my relationships with others, work, the flow of money, and my emotional health and well-being. I no longer treat myself as the enemy but as my own best friend.

"My relationships with others are much more genuine now because I own my power and do not feel the need to seek others’ approval.

"The skills that Jenna taught me to clear my space and to open sacred space have resulted in an overall pattern of more positive energy flow.

"My sensitivity is no longer a burden that I must struggle with daily and carry around with me like a ball and chain; it is a gift from God that has given me wings to fly. Jenna provided me with the tools to live a more balanced, fulfilling life.

"I feel stronger physically, emotionally, and mentally thanks to the 'Embrace Your Essential Self' program. I have learned to pay attention to and honor the needs of my sensitive self. I am more balanced and sure of myself, and I trust myself to listen to my intuition for guidance.

~ Chris Brncik
Copy Editor
Akron, OH


Luckily for me, I was divinely guided -- nudged at just the right times -- and I found my way to working with through a deep process of self-inquiry with the support of the right mentors and coaches.

My process began with making a deep, lasting connection to the core of my being: My Essential Self. Then things started to get a whole lot better really, really fast.

I became SO passionate about the self-discovery work I was experiencing that I knew I wanted to share it with others -- guiding people through that same deep process of self-inquiry and inner connection.

So as I developed my coaching skills, I also began to realign ALL my life choices to be better suited for my sensitivity. I dedicated myself to learning how to have a fantastic life as a sensitive soul.

I invested in personal and spiritual growth processes, training, and workshops, tried all sorts of healing approaches, and read everything I could get my hands on about high sensitivity, empathy, intuition, and energy skills.

searchingNo one technique or process answered the questions I had about how to live a whole, balanced life, even though I kept searching and searching. I had to get one piece from here, another from over there, and yet another one from somewhere else.

There wasn't a consistent step-by-step path to take me from feeling lost and confused to clear, focused, and happy. I had to find my own way.

Being a natural teacher and guide, I pulled all these pieces together into a three-phase, step-by-step process for my clients. I took the key aspects of what’s worked for me and hundreds of clients and put it into a program I've specifically designed for you.


I Created This
Embrace Your Essential Self
Step-By-Step Process Just For YOU

This powerful process is called "Embrace Your Essential Self," and is a three-phase program is designed to help sensitives like you find what I call a deep sense of inner rightness, so you are inspired to step forward and shine.

phase 1 logo

In this first phase, you'll discover:

  • WHO you really are,
  • WHAT you were put here to do,
  • HOW you can get there,
  • HOW TO MAKE PEACE with yourself and your sensitivity,
  • HOW TO PROTECT yourself and care for your high sensitivity,
  • HOW TO USE and benefit from your SENSITIVE GIFTS

Let's face it, the mainstream world isn't designed for us, nor does it teach us what we need or how to take care of ourselves. It's like we need a special operating manual and someone forgot to give it to us!

The good news is, once you’re given the tools, resources, and techniques and know how to rely deeply on your own inner guidance, then you'll see what's really possible in the realm of sensitive living. That's when you'll truly start to THRIVE.


>> Yes, I'm Ready to Create the
Authentic Work AND Lifestyle that
Actually WORKS for Me and My High Sensitivity <<


"Give yourself the gift of exploring your HSPness -- be open to your sensitive
side -- there are great gifts there!"

Kari's picture"Hearing Jenna's experiences and how she handles being highly sensitive to thrive in our world has really helped me, even beyond the work I did through the coaching to look at my own sensitivity and how I can thrive. I also enjoyed hearing about the experiences of my fellow group members; it was interesting to hear about their experiences and know I am far from alone in what I have gone through as a sensitive soul.

"I have become MUCH more comfortable in my own 'sensitive' skin, and it feels good.

"If you are considering enrolling in this program and working with Jenna, do it, give yourself the gift of exploring your HSPness -- be open to your sensitive side -- there are great gifts there!"

~ Kari Wickenheiser
Professional Life Coach
Inner Peace Coaching
Tucson, AZ


What you'll leave Phase I of the
Embrace Your Essential Self program with:

  • A deep sense of inner rightness.
  • A strong, clear sense of yourself and a deeper level of comfort with your high sensitivity.
  • Determining your "Unique Inspiration Formula" for life satisfaction.
  • A powerful tool to help you tune into yourself if ever you forget again the truth of who you really are. This same tool is one that also works as a powerful intuitive decision-making tool.
  • Discovering and implementing your true Soul's Essential Purpose and Innate Talents to create your Authentic Work that is energetically manageable, pleasurable, and INSPIRING, so you can't wait to leap out of bed to get to work.
  • Knowing what works for you and what doesn't; being able to plan ahead about how you want to engage, or not, with the world.
  • Feeling inspired to shine and share your gifts.
  • A deep understanding of your value to the world and those around you.
  • No longer hiding behind your sensitivity, fear, perfectionism, or self-doubt.
  • The courage to step out into the world as your true, Essential Self.
  • Being powerfully tapped into your intuition.
  • Trusting your decisions -- rather than second-guessing them.
  • Rising to a higher level of power in the world
  • Creating new levels of confidence in your life.
  • Knowing how to distinguish your intuition from fear or doubt, and trust it.
  • Connecting to your highest and best guide -- your Essential Self.


"It felt so good to get to know and love myself on a deep level."

Carissa's picture"Through our work together, I discovered my Soul's Essential Purpose, and created clear, concise statements about my True Power, my passions, and my innate talents. I integrated my Essential Self, and powerful images came from that integration.

It felt so good to get to know and love myself on a deep level.

"This program truly will help you embrace your sensitivity and embrace yourself, which will change your life. I am now clearer about who I am and what I need.

"If you are considering enrolling in this program, do it!!  DON'T be intimidated by the time or money commitment - it's SO worth it. You will gain many useful skills and tools for dealing with all of life's troubles and difficulties.  The result is an easier life and a more positive relationship with yourself.

Jenna, thank you so much!! I would not be where i am today if it weren't for you! You have been VERY influential in my life.  Thank you for being a great guide, coach, and mentor!!

~ Carissa Morris, M.A.
Life Coach, Seattle, WA
Coaching for Women & LGBTQ folks


>> Yes, Jenna, I'm Ready to
Embrace My Sensitivity & My Deepest Essence
So I Can Make a
Powerful Impact in the World <<


Embrace Your Essential Self
Phase I: Essence

So what's included in the Embrace Your Essential Self Program? It includes ALL the materials, techniques, exercises, and resources I've used so successfully with my clients over the last several years.


Here's what's included in Phase I of the program:

Six Transformational 'Essence' Coaching Lessons Delivered Straight to Your Inbox

phase 1 logoThe core of Phase I of the Embrace Your Essential Self program includes six lessons delivered by e-mail, including PDF workbooks for each week, designed to get you in touch with who you truly are.

These are the IDENTICAL assignments that I've time-tested with my clients, and you'll have the opportunity to work with them supported by my expert guidance.

All these materials will be yours, permanently, as part of your investment in the program. The lessons are delivered each Friday morning.

Here's what you'll learn:

  • Who you are at a deep Essential Level, so that you always know who you are and don't get thrown off by other people's energy so easily.
  • Your "Unique Inspiration Formula" for what makes you feel fulfilled and satisfied in any situation, which helps you create a life truly in alignment with who you are.
  • Your Soul's Essential Purpose, which is what you are here to do in this lifetime.
  • Your True Power, or your greatest strength, which is what you naturally bring to any situation.
  • Your Innate Talents, which are the tools you use to create, manifest, and live out your life purpose.
  • Your Passions, which help guide you to the places where you are most successful and fulfilled.

We'll use these powerful aspects of yourself to help you discover your Authentic Work and to create a Lifestyle powerfully aligned with your high sensitivity.


Six *Live* "Sensitive Soul Support Sessions" With Me to Guide You Throughout the Process


During the course of the program, you'll attend six 75-minute telephone Sensitive Soul Support Sessions, where you'll be able to interact directly with me and ask questions about your process.

These sessions happen by phone, so it's easy to call in from the comfort of your own home to get the support you need.

You'll learn from hearing other like-minded souls being coached too! All the Support Sessions are recorded so you even if you miss them you can access them later online.

Even if you don't have specific questions before you call in to the Live Support Sessions, you'll benefit by hearing from the experiences and "Ah-ha" moments of the other sensitive souls on the calls.

These Support Sessions include one "kick-off" session to get us going on the program together! Here are the dates for the sessions so you can mark them into your calendar:

June 11, 16, 23, 30
July 14, 21


Weekly Virtual Coaching Connection with Jenna Online Journal To Help You Stay On Track

online journal

Each week you'll use your online tracking journal to connect with me. As your coach, I'll be able to track your results and progress right along with you!

This powerful tool will help you stay on track and accountable to your intentions for the program.

All your journaling will automatically be emailed to both of us, so we'll both be on the same page with your progress.

>> Yes, I Want to Connect to My Own
Powerful Inner Guidance and
Live A Life That FINALLY Works
With My Sensitivity <<


But Wait, There's MORE! :)

As my gifts to you, I'm also including several bonuses to make our time together more powerful and an even richer experience for you...

When you enroll now in the Embrace Your Essential Self program, you'll also receive these SIX special bonuses:


Bonus #1
Three Powerful Visualizations Designed to Help you Access Your Deepest, Most Essential Self
Value: $147 Each

clipartI've recorded three powerful visualizations to help you access your deepest, most Essential Self. These visualizations are at the core of the work I do to help you find that deep sense of inner rightness within yourself. I've been developing them over the last few years, and my private clients have been begging me to record them. They're finally here, and ready for your use.

You'll be able to listen to them on your computer speakers using online playback controls (like the ones I've used for the Informational TeleConference) or by downloading them onto your iPod or MP3 player.


Bonus #2
FOUR Sessions of Private One-on-One LASER COACHING Call-In Sessions With Me
Value: $450 Each

phoneinYou'll also receive PRIVATE access to me through FOUR "Laser Coaching" Call-In Sessions. (Laser simply means focused.) During the hours I'm setting aside during the program, you'll be able to call in and ask me your questions, privately.

I'm in the process of PHASING OUT one-on-one private coaching, even at my rate of $300.00 an hour. So this is an opportunity not to be missed! I'm setting aside time during the course of the program so YOU can call in for some brief, focused, private, one-on-one help from me.

Your job will be to call in with a clear and focused question so we can get right to the heart of what's going on for you. Here are the dates for the Laser Coaching Call-In Sessions so you can mark them in your calendar too:

June 18
June 25
July 2
July 16


Bonus #3
Online Downloadable MP3 Recordings of ALL the Sensitive Soul Support Session Calls
Value: $150

clipartEven if you can't attend the Support Sessions because you're busy or the times don't work for you, I've arranged to record ALL the Sessions so you can listen to them at your own convenience. That way, you won't have to worry if you have a schedule conflict, or if you're behind on your assignments, because you can always listen in later on. The Support Sessions will be permanently available to you, so you can listen to them as many times as you want to.

The Support Sessions recordings will be posted on the website within 24-hours of the call. You'll be able to listen to them on your computer speakers using online playback controls or by downloading them onto your iPod or MP3 player.


Bonus #4
Online Downloadable PDF Transcripts of ALL the Sensitive Soul Support Session Calls
Value: $65

In addition to the MP3 recordings of the calls, you'll also receive online access to transcripts of each of them within a few days of the call that you can read online or print out to read in a comfy armchair. Personally, as much as I love technology, I value being able to "unplug" and read something "real."


Bonus #5
Access to Private Online Community Forums Exclusively For Participants of This Program
Value: $397

You'll also have access to a private, participants-only Community Forum on my website where you can ask questions of me and other participants. I'll be monitoring the board and providing feedback and help where I can.

This is a great way to get support from other people both working on the same material AND who face similar challenges in our not-so-sensitive world.

On the forums, you'll have access to three separate areas:

  1. Support Area. There's a special section where you can post your questions for me to answer. I monitor the board every weekday to answer your questions.
  2. Community Discussion Area. You'll also access to a special area where you can support each other as you work through the Embrace Your Essential Self process together. Being a part of a group who really "gets" you is incredibly healing and nurturing.
  3. Support Archives. These archives of previous participants questions and my answers to them -- a searchable, online, Frequently Asked Questions section -- right at your fingertips!


Bonus #6
A Free Ticket to My Upcoming Two-Part TeleSeminar on "Self-Acceptance for Sensitive Souls" This August, 2009
Value: $197

As an "Embrace Your Essential Self" participant, you'll automatically receive a free ticket to my "Self-Acceptance & Inner Sanctuaries for Sensitive Souls" TeleSeminar this August, 2009. This powerful class will give you new tools with which to further embrace and own your whole, delicious, sensitive self!

In this class you'll learn more about:

  • How your sensitivity is actually a brilliant support in your life.
  • How all the negative things you think about yourself are actually strengths in disguise.


>> Jenna, I'm Ready to Claim My Talents, Power, Passions, and Purpose So I Can
Live the Life I Was Designed For <<


"As this process began unfolding, it was very natural for me to begin to acquire inner rightness or legitimacy."

"As this process began unfolding, it was very natural for me to begin to acquire inner rightness or legitimacy and as result to claim the key qualities of what makes me who I am and become clear about my gifts.

"With this clear identity, I can stay separate from the demands, expectations, and emotions of others and I am experiencing much less agitation and disturbance when with others. I am beginning to practice using the gifts I have and finding great joy in this.

"I am normally a very cautious and frugal person and so I am proud of taking a risk to invest in something I really wanted to do for myself.

"Although other attempts at improving self-acceptance and self-esteem have not produced the results I hoped for, this program is truly tailor-made for the highly sensitive and therefore a much more effective approach for healing any disconnection.

"The emphasis is on distinguishing the inner wisdom from the underlying false assumptions and then of course honoring that important information.

"I found Jenna to be a very effective coach and a great source of hope. She conveys a warm eagerness to be helpful to us and invites all of us to ask for assistance on the discussion board. She skillfully coaches how to reframe self-defeating beliefs and how to be sensitive in a new context. After listening to the TeleConferences, I grew to trust her wisdom and her modeling of what it looks like to flourish as a highly sensitive person.

Jenna: Thank you for your work and for developing a home study program that is a perfect fit for highly sensitive people! I have tried in the past to piece together bits and pieces of wisdom to try to understand my sensitivity but with limited success.

I am very encouraged by what I have learned in Phase I and feel that I can now get on with much clearer picture of living out what I am naturally called to do.


++ PLUS ++

As a special bonus for the first THREE participants to enroll, I'm offering:

  • One 30-minute private "Innate Gifts Illumination Session" with me (Value: $150). As I mentioned, I'm phasing out private sessions, so this is a rare opportunity for you to benefit from focused, personal attention from me.
  • My Crystal Clear Boundaries Checklist (Value: $47). This nifty little checklist will help you identify places where you might have boundary leaks in your life so you can start cleaning them up.
  • giftAnd a special SURPRISE gift I'll pick out, just for YOU, based on our Brainstorming Session
    (Value: $37).
    This gift will help you develop your gifts and take them to the next level of mastery in your life.


~ Ready to Sign Up? ~

I'm ready to help YOU transform your relationship with yourself and your sensitivity. The real question is, are you ready to let go of struggling against yourself and your sensitivity? There's no time to waste: The world needs you Right Now.

>> Yes, I'm Ready to Create the
Authentic Work AND Lifestyle that
Actually WORKS for Me and My High Sensitivity <<

~ My Guarantee ~

If you have any doubts about this process, to give you peace of mind, I'm giving you my personal guarantee.

guaranteeEvery penny (and every minute) you invest in this valuable program is safely protected by my personal guarantee.

Here’s how it works:


  • Participate in each session.

  • Ask for help when you need it.

  • Add your voice to the Q & A periods.

  • Complete all the assignments thoroughly.

If you follow these guidelines and this process doesn't help you reconnect with yourself at a deep level or produce the results you were
looking for, just call me at (510) 981-0697 any time in the next six months(!) from your date of purchase and let me know, and I will personally give you a full refund out of my own pocket.




~ Enroll Now~

clipart Yes, Jenna,
I Want to Enroll in Phase I of Your Embrace Your Essential Self Program and Learn to Create a Life -- and a Lifestyle -- That Truly Works For Me

I understand I'll receive the following as a part of the program:

Six Transformational Coaching Lessons Delivered Straight to My Inbox Each Week

Six Sensitive Souls Support Sessions With You to Guide Me Throughout the Process

A Weekly Virtual Coaching Connection with You To Help Me Stay On Track


Plus I'll receive these bonuses:

Bonus #1
Three Powerful Visualizations Designed to Help Me Access My Deepest, Most Essential Self

Bonus #2
Access to Private One-on-One LASER COACHING Call-In Hours With You

Bonus #3
Online Recordings of ALL The Sensitive Soul Support Session Calls

Bonus #4
Downloadable PDF Transcripts of ALL The Sensitive Soul Support Session Calls

Bonus #5
Access to Private Online Community Forums Exclusively For Participants of This Program

Bonus #6
A Free Ticket to Your Upcoming Two-Part TeleSeminar on "Self-Acceptance for Sensitive Souls" in August, 2009

And if I'm one of the first THREE participants to sign up, I'll receive the three bonuses you described:

  • One 30-minute private "Innate Gifts Illumination Session" with you
  • Your Crystal Clear Boundaries Checklist

  • And a special SURPRISE gift hand-picked just for me


~ Investment Options ~

With this new format for my course that includes even more of my personal time and support, just for you, and all these great add-on bonuses, (not to mention the powerful impact it will have on your life), the value of this course is easily over $997 -- even $1497 when you consider the additonal bonuses.

However, because I want to make this course available to as many people as possible, I'm reducing the amount of the investment to only $697, with two easy payment options so you can choose one that works best for you.


*** Register Here ***

Embrace Your Essential Self
Phase I

phase 1 logo

By registering for this program, you acknowledge that all calls will be recorded and transcribed and may be used for home study product development.

>>Sorry, Sold Out,
No Spots Remaining<<

**Pay In Full Now for Only $697**
Save $17 with this option

**Pay in Two Installments of $357**
Make two monthly payments of $357 each


~ An Important Note ~

This is the last time I will be offering this
course in this live, online format, so don't miss this chance to do this important work with the support of an experienced, sensitive living expert and coach.


Please join me!


Jenna Avery
“The Life Coach for Sensitive Souls”



PS - If you're just not sure about this program, I invite you contact me with your questions. I'm setting aside special Call-In hours on Tuesday, June 2 from 4 to 5:30 p.m. Pacific Time (7 p.m. Eastern) so you can get your questions answered personally by me. Just call me at 510-981-0697 during the call-in hours and I'll happily answer your inquiries.

(You're also welcome to send me an email and I'll answer your questions that way.)


PPS - I truly believe in the power of this approach to make a huge difference in your life, and I'd love to have you participate. And consider this: What's the cost of NOT taking a chance on creating a life that truly works for you?

Sensitives pay high spiritual, emotional, psychic, and sometimes even physical costs for living lives that are out of alignment with who we truly are and our sensitivity. Please give yourself the chance to be a happier, healthier, highly sensitive soul and register now for this important program.




~ Still Have Questions? ~

Here are some frequently asked questions and answers:

What I really need is help protecting myself from the negative energy of the people around me -- how will this program help me?
Protection skills are a pressing need for sensitive souls. Although sometimes people want to skip past Phase I into Phase II and learn protection & energy skills right away, it's been my experience that first building a strong, solid foundation of understanding who you really are and truly VALUING yourself are what allows energetic protection skills to work most effectively.


What do Phase II and Phase III include, and when will you be offering them?

Phase II: Enhancement - Supporting Your Essential Self, covers basic self care, basic energy skills, protection & boundary skills, overstimulation management skills, and the creation of inner, social, and outer sanctuaries.

Phase III: Expansion - Becoming Your Essential Self, focuses on helping you divine a sense of direction in terms of what's next for your life, use tools to begin to manifest those intentions, bring your life fully into alignment with your Essential Self and your sensitivity, and develop your intuitive gifts.

When is the next...

Phase I?
I will not be offering Phase I again in this live format.

Phase II?
Phase II will be offered in September 2009.

Phase III?
Phase III will be held in January 2010.



Disclaimer: The materials and information offered on this program are intended for educational purposes only. They are not intended as a substitute for needed medical, psychological, or psychiatric treatment or counseling.


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