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What’s your biggest question about being highly sensitive?

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Jenna May 9, 2006 at 10:14 am

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Linda August 15, 2006 at 2:55 pm

I have always known that I was sensitive. I think I drove my mother nuts
as a kid because I would cry at the slightest increase in her voice. I felt
what my parents felt and what my brothers and sister felt. It was tuff being
a kid. Not to mention the fact that I was abused.
I guess the hardest thing for me is learning what emotions are my own and
what emotions are from others. I can get easily over-whelmed and I espeacially
avoid crowds. I tryed to be a cna and was doing great in the course but when it came time to do the clinical I had great difficulty with seeing all the
elderly people and taking in there emotions. I couldnt stand it. It broke my
heart to feel what I was taking in from them. Thats when I realized that because of my being sensitive and empathic that I couldnt help people this way. I have also thought of counciling but fear that I will get burnt out all the time. I am an artist and want to go for a bachlors degree in fine art
but even that I fear would be difficult. I do have a job now I am a housekeeper which is good for me because I work independantly and there is not much pressure. But I want so much more out of my life and I genuinely want to help people. I dont know what to do.

Sherry September 28, 2006 at 7:39 pm

WOW! I’m stunned at what I’ve found on this site. I’ts like I’m reading about myself! I’ve always known that I’ve been different and sensitive from others. I had a miserable childhood and hated school due to how it made me feel inside. I would be mentally drained every day when I got home. Not only have I been sensitive to people, but to objects. I can’t wear watches because they will stop within a few days, but start again when someone else wears them. Often, I also feel like somethings wrong and can’t shake it off. Sometimes I see things before they happen and sometimes I can see what happened in the past from objects. I’ve always had an overwhelming need to uphold all things right and just and pure.

Unfortunatly, I attract very strange people who sometimes come up out of the blue and tell me they’re a witch or practice voodo. Or I’ll have people try to touch me or just stare me down in the store with the most evil eyes. I guess they can recognize God in me. I look like a normal average woman, so I know it’s not my outward apearance that attracts them to me. I’m almost 38 and I’m struggling with this knowledge of sensitivity because I’m Christian. I asked God to take away the visions a few years back because it was too draining. But I also feel like they were given to me for a reason. So my question is this: Since I cannot deny the overwelming fact that I am, and have always been sensitive, how do I balance this knowledge with my faith in God and Jesus? How do I make it stop? How do I turn off my sensitivity towards people because I don’t do well in crowds and I just want to tune it out.

Oh, BTW: Someone was asking what people who are sensitive do for a living. I need to be alone and work, otherwise I can’t concentrate, there’s too much static otherwise, like voiced feelings that arn’t mine that disturb my train of thought. That sounds strange, but I don’t know how else to expain it. So I’m training to become a medical transcriptionist through Career which is the best MT school out there. This way I can work alone at home. Hopefully the voice recordings of the Dr’s won’t bring me any negitive energy.

I have a personal question for the author:

I’m having trouble with an object in my home. About a year and a half ago I was at a flea market and bought this human effagy vessel. I felt it looking at me and I felt like I was suppose to take it home. When I got it home, I felt like I was suppose to offer it something but I wasn’t sure what. So I put coins in it, but it didn’t feel right. I still felt like it wanted something from me. I prayed over it. It’s bothered me ever since. I knew it was Mayan, I didn’t have evidence, I just knew. I find it turned upside down sometimes in the mornings, and everyone says they didn’t touch it.

Then about 3 nights ago, I was laying relaxed in bed but not sleeping. Suddenly, I saw it before me and I saw my arms stretched out before me palms up. I saw my wrists being cut with some dark stone and my blood flowing down into the cup. It felt like I was doing the right thing. Well, that shocked me since I’m not suisidal so I started praying over me and my family immediatly. I knew then it wanted a blood offering. I felt that it had something to do with an earn or death.

The next day I started doing research online. I contacted a museum and sent pictures and they said they couldn’t help me because they said the artifact could be stolen. I then contacted a dealer and appraiser in Mayan artifacts and sent him pictures. He said it is Mayan from around 850 AD. That it is a burial offering and worth around $1350. The scary thing is that it resembles the mayan god of the underworld. It has hollowed eyes and a big collar. It’s in chains and bound to the cup. It’s face looks as if it’s in pain and there is a serpent on the back licking what looks like a bird head.

I did some research today on Mayan offerings and found that they would give a sacrifice of blood by cutting the body with obsidian (which explains the dark rock I saw) and let the blood flow down into the cup which held some type of paper. They would then burn the paper and the blood offering would go to the gods.

So my vision was correct. Now what I’d like to know is if I was just tuning in to what it was used for, or did it actually want blood from me? I’m in the process of trying to find out who to sell it to because I wan’t to get rid of it, but I feel that I am responsible in who it goes to. If it does want blood, and it goes to the wrong person, I fear something bad could happen. What should I do? I hope this doesn’t sound too strange, because I know if I read this I’d wonder if someone was crazy if I hadn’t experienced it for myself!

Kennette February 11, 2007 at 6:25 am

Good Morning,

My Biggest Question:

“Why can’t I tolerate being in crowds, even small ones. I get very uneasy with loud noises, always have.”

I feel the energies of all sorts round me and even weather changes before they happen. When someone has negative energy I must immediately take the proper safe measures to eliminate the impact.

In Loving Gratitude,

anon May 25, 2008 at 5:26 pm

this isn’t a question, more of just a comment, but i feel relieved that there are other people like myself. i’ve always been told by people that i’m too soft, need to “toughen up”, that i’m “too sensitive” and get offended too easily. “it’s just a joke!” is what my boyfriend often says to me. it’s not just a joke to me.
i just always feel like i’ve felt things more intensively than other people, and i’m glad i’m not the only one cause now i don’t feel like there’s something wrong with me.

Deb July 11, 2008 at 7:30 pm

I’ve read a few posts inquiring about jobs suitable for an HSP. I am a massage therapist and it has really helped me appreciate myself. It’s the first time that I have truly appreciated being sensative. I would highly recommend it to anyone searching. Just keep your boundaries and stay grounded.

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