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Kick Start Your Dream

Harness the Power of Intention and Visualization to Blow All Your Self-Doubts and Excuses Out of the Water So You Can Finally Make Your Creative Dream a Reality

Book your private Dream Illumination Session now, and Jenna will help you bring your dream back into focus, thoroughly wipe out ALL the cobwebs, self-doubts, and excuses, and get you on track with your next steps toward making your creative dream a reality.

If you're anything like most creatives, you've been making the mistake of letting your fears and self-doubts sabotage your precious dreams and the brilliant contribution you were put here to make.

This is a perfect session if you already have a sense of your dream -- the next Big Thing you want to create or do, like your book, your screenplay, your film, your healing center -- but have been putting it off or making excuses for why it isn't possible.

With the Jenna's experienced and intuitive guidance, you'll shake your finger at all those excuses, reclaim your dream, and step into the power of knowing what to do next.


Here's what you can expect:

  • A strong, clear vision of your dream.
  • Antidotes to the excuses your fearful mind has been perpetuating.
  • A clear intention to guide your manifestation of your dream.
  • Clear action steps to take to get you started on your path.


"In the last year I have written twice as many pages of my book as I had written in the first two years prior to meeting with Jenna."

Sara"I was privileged to have a private Dream Illumination Session with Jenna in July of 2009.

"At the time I was struggling with my dream of finishing a story I had begun to write in the summer of 2007.

"Although I have often felt as if writing and storytelling was my true calling as an HSP, I had allowed my inner critic to stifle my creative pursuits.

"Instead of pursuing my writing, I was working full-time and going to business school. I was miserable and confused.

"I kept putting up road blocks to my dream. Jenna helped me to identify and counter the negative thoughts that were crippling my dreams.

"With her guidance I found the courage to quit business school and devote all of my extra time to my writing. In the last year I have written twice as many pages of my book as I had written in the first two years prior to meeting with Jenna.

"I have also begun to see myself differently. I feel as if anything is possible and I feel as if I deserve happiness, not just in my personal life, but in my career choice.

"Just today I reviewed the goals I had set after my Dream Illumination Session and I am right on track. The first draft of my novel will be completed by the end of the summer.

"Thanks to Jenna I have gone beyond just envisioning the life I was meant to live to actually creating that life each and every day."

~ Sara Reese
Cary, North Carolina


Here's what's included in your Dream Illumination session:

  • One 60-minute private "Dream Illumination Session" with me (Value: $497). Please note that I'm phasing out my stand-alone private sessions, so this is your last chance for one-on-one private support from me unless you're enrolled in one of my courses or programs. This is a rare opportunity for you to benefit from focused, personal attention from me.


++ Bonuses ++

Plus, you get these special bonuses as my gift to you:

  • An MP3 recording of the session
  • Summary notes of our session you can refer to whenever those gremlins pipe up too loudly.



Book your Dream Illumination Session now


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