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Here is a link to a truly beautiful experience - an animated and accompanied presentation of The Guest House by Rumi.



Following you will find links to some of my favorite sites and other sensitivity resources.  Enjoy!


For Highly Sensitive Souls

These are sites I can personally recommend.

Empowered Empath (Rose Rosetree's Website) - Rose Rosetree's website for empaths and highly sensitive people. Jenna loves Rose's work and highly recommends it.

The Highly Sensitive Person (Elaine Aron's Website) - Elaine Aron's official website for The Highly Sensitive Person, which includes information about her speaking engagements, HSP gatherings and an HSP assessment test.

HSP Work (Barrie Jaeger's Website) - Barrie Jaeger's official site for Making Work Work for the Highly Sensitive Person.

The Sensitive Person's Survival Guide - The website of author Kyra Mesich with information about alternative health approaches such as flower essences for HSPs.

Jacquelyn Strickland's Life Works Help website - The website home of Jacquelyn Strickland, who is the organizer of the HSP Annual Gatherings.  Her site also includes an interesting discussion of HSP Subcultures. Jacquelyn is a wonderful counselor and coach for HSPs.

Anomalously Sensitive People -- David Ritchey's website - A website with information about the more "anomalous" incidents of high sensitivity, like extra-sensory perception.


Sites With Message Boards for Sensitive Souls

"HSP Book" Yahoo! Group - A lively HSP discussion group with over 600 members.  The dialogue focuses on being an HSP in a non-HSP world.  The only requirement to join is that you have read The Highly Sensitive Person by Elaine Aron (or another of her books). (Thomas Eldridge's Website) - A web site for Highly Sensitive Persons, shy intuitive introverts and spiritually oriented HSP People. It includes a Books page, a Service Directory for businesses and professionals and a very active Message Board of sensitive people from around the world sharing their experiences of being sensitive. - A geographically-based free group connection website. There are over 73 “Elaine Aron” Meetup groups, including groups in the United States, Canada, Europe, Australia, and Singapore, and there seem to be more forming all the time. So many of you have been asking me about how to find ways to meet up with Highly Sensitive Souls in your area – this looks like it could be a great way to make some connections.


Other Sites for Sensitive Souls

Other sites that may have useful information for sensitive souls.

Holistic Living for the Highly Sensitive Person - A website dedicated to holistic approaches for sensitives.

Talent Development Resources - Includes a special series of pages on Intensity/Sensitivity with a beautiful and thought-provoking collection of quotes and resources.

Nancy R. Fenn, The IntrovertZCoach, offers resources and support for introverted personalities. (Jim Hallowes' Website) - A website with information, support, and practical ideas to help HSPs, along with a number of products specifically for HSPs. - A website with a focus specifically on highly sensitive people who have had traumatic life experiences, and as a result, suffers from overwhelming feelings of depression, anxiety and panic.  This site primarily contains links to other resources like books and CDs.


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