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There are many different lines of flower essences, many of which may be extremely helpful to sensitives.  Many of us find this type of energetic medicine to be very effective. I've included specific essences below I have had personal experience with — you may find others helpful as well.

Click here to read an article on this and two other power tools for sensitive souls.

Bach Flower Essences:  Bach Flower is one company that makes flower essences.  For sensitive souls, I like:

  • Rescue Remedy: a Bach Flower Essence excellent for stressful times, ranging from being mildly overstimulated to rushing to the emergency room. (If you prefer a flower essence remedy without the alcohol base, Green Hope Essences makes one called Emergency Care that is stabilized with red shiso.)
  • Aspen:  for fear and anxiety of unknown origin
  • Walnut: for "protection from outside influences" (and also for major life changes).
  • Mimulus:  for fearfulness of known origin
  • Mustard:  for sudden deep gloom of unknown origin (the Bach site description mentions a different use for this remedy in different places).

The links will give you more information about the remedies; they can be purchased at many locations including Elephant Pharmacy.

Flower Essence Services: FES sells several Yarrow flower essences, recommended by Dr. Kyra Mesich for support with boundary strengthening. You can find more information about her recommendations at  FES also sells a "Yarrow Environmental Solution" that other HSPs recommend (I haven't used it myself), though Dr. Mesich does not recommend it for psychic protection.

** The links below will take you to the 1/4 oz bottle of each type, which is the smallest and least expensive. You may want to also look at the pricing for the larger sizes. **

  • White Yarrow: For general boundary strengthening. A good one to start with if you're not sure which Yarrow to use. For extreme vulnerability to others and to the environment; easily depleted, overly absorbent of negative influences, psychic toxicity.
  • Pink Yarrow:  For people who get overly involved in others lives and in relationships. For grounding and root chakra balancing.
  • Golden Yarrow:  For developing strong personal protection. For people who tend to withdraw.  For solar plexus chakra strengthening.
  • Purple Monkey flower: For spiritual or psychic fear.


** Regarding the following, I have not worked with these remedies personally, so please investigate yourself. If you have experience working with these remedies and would like to share them with me, please do so.**

Green Hope Essences -- more remedies for empaths: If you prefer a flower essence remedy without the alcohol base, Green Hope Essences makes remedies stabilized with red shiso.

  • Golden Armor - Buffer out machine made electrical dissonance and keep inharmonious emotional energies out of our field.
  • Flee Free - Support to keep your energetic field clear.
  • Watch Your Back - For shouldering burdens that are not yours to carry, you need to get another’s person off your back, or you feel someone is back stabbing you, etc.
  • Violet Transmuting Flame Violet - Addresses the common empath desire to help others. Help yourself but also don’t shame the wounded part of yourself that thinks it’s not nice to clear your own field at another’s expense.
  • The Alignment Garden - Keep us on purpose and in alignment with our divine self and authentic mission in life. This helps us not fall into old patterns of taking on stuff that is not ours.
  • All Ego Contracts Null & Void - Cut free of old ego agreements we have with others to carry their burdens or inappropriately take care of them.
  • Spiderwort - Offers help to discern what is our business and what is not.
  • Thistle - Any Thistle Flower or spiky Flower blossom helps empaths when they feel their energy system in being invaded or dumped on.
  • Abutilon and Wild Abutilon - Protection from inappropriate sound vibrations and for hearing sensitivities.
  • To Thine Own Self Be True - Clarification about our true calling and life purpose as opposed to ideas we might have picked up in childhood or from the mass media like “I am here to be someone’s doormat”.
  • To Hear the Angels Sing - To stay on mission and with balance between self and selflessness, service without servitude.
  • The Family River Trio of Black Currant, Borage, and Bloodroot - To not take care of family member’s emotional stuff because “they are family and you owe them”.
  • Abandonment & Abuse - For triggers based in family of origin patterns.


Disclaimer: Recommendations provided on this site are not meant to substitute for professional medical advice -- use your own best judgment or contact your doctor if you have any questions or concerns about any of these products.
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