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Centerpointe's Holosync Meditation Program
Dr. Miller's Guided Visualizations

Centerpointe's Holosync Meditation Program (A)

About Centerpointe: "My husband & I have been using the meditation tapes for a few months now. We both find we have a greater tolerance for things & a greater sense of peace. This is one of the few products that really delivers what it says." - C.C., East Windsor, CT

An excellent meditation program of sound-induced meditative states, including Alpha, Theta, and Delta brainwave patterns. Although their website and literature go heavy on the “selling” for me, I've had powerful results from listening to them. The program immerses me easily into a deep meditative state, something that comes in handy when I’m feeling unable to relax. I've only purchased their first level so far and I am getting good results.

The first level includes a track called "The Dive," which takes you progressively deeper through Alpha and Theta states, and then finally to Delta. It is falling water and chimes. The second track, called "Immersion" is all Delta state, and doesn't include the chimes, just beautiful rain (I feel like I'm in a tropical jungle). Each track is 30 minutes long. They also send another CD, which includes "Quietude" which is all Alpha state and "Oasis," which is all Theta state. It puts me into a great intuitive/creative state - I often listen to it before I do coaching and intuitive work. It really helps me shift out of thinking/analyzing mode. 

They offer a free demo CD if you are interested in exploring the program.

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Dr. Emmett Miller's Guided Visualizations - I also LOVE Dr. Emmett Miller's "Letting Go of Stress" relaxation tape/CD, especially the track entitled, "A Trip to the Beach." His velvety voice has been helping me relax for at least 20 years since my mother introduced me to his work.

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