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Jenna's Resource List for Sensitive Souls

Here you will find links to my favorite resources and information.  Please let me know if you enjoy these resources or let me know if you are looking for anything you are not finding here!

Find Out About High Sensitivity

Products & Tools for Sensitive Souls

  • Recommended Products: Here you will find information about my favorite products for sensitive souls.  I have tested all of these products myself and have found them to be highly beneficial.
  • Book Recommendations:  Here you will find some of my favorite books and links to take you directly to if you are interested in adding them to your collection. Purchasing books via my website will provide me with a small commission.
Other Resources
  • On the Enneagram:  Here you will find some basic information about the Enneagram.  I have found that knowing own's one personality type is invaluable information.  In fact, whenever I revisit the system, I always learn something new about myself.  While many of the Enneagram texts have a tendency to highlight the "negative" characteristics of each type, I still find a great deal of useful and relevant information.
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