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Dear Highly Sensitive Souls, HSPs, Intuitives, Empaths, Helpers, Artists, and Healers:


If You Want to Know
How to Be in the World
Without Sacrificing Yourself
or Your Soul,
Let Me Show You What Actually
Works for Highly Sensitive Souls


Phase II
of My Signature Course,
Embrace Your Essential Self
Starts November 5, 2009

"Six Essential Steps to Take You From Struggling to Thriving as a Sensitive Soul in this Not-So-Sensitive World"

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I'm Here to Share With You What I Wish Every Sensitive Soul Was Taught From DAY 1

Keep reading for all the details...



Dear Sensitive Soul,

Have you ever felt like being highly sensitive holds you back from life? Like it keeps you from doing the important things you know you were put here to do?

When you struggle with being highly sensitive, and don't know how to live a life that actually works with it, you'll waste a lot of precious time and life energy struggling against YOURSELF.

As a result, you might feel exhausted by your life, and even depressed or anxious. You may be using almost all of your available energy just to get through the day.

Do you ever find yourself asking, "What's wrong with me?" Most sensitives do, because we've been trained to think that it's not okay to be highly sensitive in this not-so-sensitive world, and quite frankly, we DON'T KNOW HOW, anyway.



What You Don't Know DOES Hurt You,
and the World Suffers Too

When you don't know how to thrive with your sensitivity, you are not able to share your powerful gifts with the world in a sustainable way. Bottom line, this means that you won't earn the income or live the lifestyle you deserve because you don't have the resilience or energy to do your innate, Authentic Life's Work.

There's a further cost as well: As sensitives, we are the sages, psychics, prophets, wise women, medicine men, intuitives, and seers. This means that if you can't, don't, or won't use your gifts, the planet doesn't benefit from the wisdom, beauty, and depth you are here to share.

As one of the planet's wisdom-keepers, it's imperative that you are well-compensated for your efforts, do your work in an impactful, effective way, and be nurtured, supported, and protected so you can make a sustainable contribution that feels inspiring and uplifting to YOU and the people around you.




Here's What You Need To Know:
You Don't Need To,
and In Fact You Shouldn't,
Try To Fit In With the Rest of the World
or Live Your Life Like Everyone Else Does




The answer IS NOT:
"You just have to learn to be less sensitive."

The answer IS:
"Learn to work WITH your sensitivity rather than against it."


I have a surprise for you:

Your sensitivity is a Divine Gift and it can HELP you live an amazing life. You just haven't been given the tools you need to know how to do so (yet :).




"The drama is gone;
a sense of peace has replaced it."

jen"Never before have I been so clear about who I am and what I need to function at my potential. 

"I never thought I really had a problem saying “No” before.  Was I wrong! 

"Boundaries feel so good. 

"Everything Jenna has taught me has contributed significantly to my well being. I have seen major shifts for the better occur in how I deal with life’s challenges.

"The drama is gone, and a sense of peace has replaced it.

"Without thoughtful insight and compassion for your sensitive quality, you may find yourself depressed and full of anxiety. This was me before beginning Jenna’s program. 

"Learning skills to harness my sensitivity has changed my life forever. 

"If the cost seems high, think of the cost of NOT doing anything, the price of continuing to live at the mercy of your negative emotions (as well as the energy vampires that live among us!)."

~ Jennifer Cobas
Scotts Valley, CA



I Created This
Embrace Your Essential Self
Step-By-Step Process Just For YOU
Phase II: From Struggle to Thriving

My powerful signature process is called "Embrace Your Essential Self," and is a three-phase program is designed to help sensitives just like you find what I call a deep sense of inner rightness, so you are inspired to step forward and shine.

This is the second phase of my Embrace Your Essential Self course, called "Six Steps to Take You From Struggling to Thriving as a Sensitive Soul in this Not-So-Sensitive World." This phase is designed to help you learn the support skills you need to thrive as a sensitive soul. (And yes, it's okay to participate in Phase II without having yet completed Phase I.)

Phase II helps you develop the skills, tools, and mindset you need to thrive in this world. This process is ultimately about tuning into your sensitivity as your own personal Divine Guidance system.




"If you want to learn to manage your empathy, this program is for you."

Joan"My boundaries are much stronger than before I began this phase. My awareness of, and use of, energy has also strengthened.

"I received a lot of practical information that has been very helpful to me (i.e. how to strengthen my boundaries, how and when to clear my aura).

"I've been interested in this subject for years, but have not yet found as much valuable information in one place as I have with this work with Jenna.

"I heartily recommend this program. If you want to gain a greater knowledge of yourself, to learn to appreciate your unique way of being as a sensitive person, and to manage your empathic messages, this program is for you.

"Do not hesitate to work with Jenna. She is a gifted teacher, who is passing along what she already knows. Her supportive, encouraging nature provides a comfortable environment in which you can feel free to express yourself and to stretch beyond what you may have thought to be possible for yourself.

"This program is a true gift; working with Jenna can change your life.

"Thank you, Jenna, for continuing to meet and exceed my expectations."

~ Joan Volkmann
University Advancement Operations Director
Urbana, IL

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What You'll Discover in Phase II:

Phase II of the Embrace Your Essential Self course is structured around
6 powerful Mindset shifts and Skills, designed to take you from struggling to thriving with your high sensitivity:


Mindset Shift #1:
Your sensitivity is both a gift and a responsibility, treat it accordingly.

Skill #1:
Practice the Art of Sensitive Self-Care


  • Know exactly what to do to keep yourself feeling good, even in stressful situations.
  • Feel less stressed and overstimulated at home and at work.
  • Have happier relationships with your friends and family.
  • Stop feeling so run down and exhausted.
  • Have better health and feel more energetically resilient.
  • Have more energy to do what’s really important to you – like doing work you love or spending time laughing with your family.
  • Know where to set limits and draw the line – without feeling guilty – so you can get the rest and comfort you need to do well in life.




Mindset Shift #2:
Feeling overstimulated is a guide that something is off.

Skill #2:
Get Grounded and Stay in Your Own Energy

  • Feel more present and aware of the current moment.
  • Be less likely to be overtaken by someone else’s thoughts, energy, emotions, or plans so you can start living your own life again.
  • Stop being dragged down by the psychic pollution of the world.
  • Stop picking up on the low vibration energy of other people around you.
  • Know how to to manage, balance, and protect your energy so you can "be in the world, but not of it."
  • Know how to stay grounded, in your body, and centered, so you get less overstimulated and can make conscious choices about yourself and your life (it’s so easy to get swept away by others when you’re ungrounded).




Mindset Shift #3:
Embrace the importance of having a clear energy system.

Skill #3:
Clear and Shield Your Aura, Learn to Set Strong Boundaries


  • Feel the relief of not being constantly affected by other people.
  • Know how to clear away what you pick up from other people.
  • Know how to stop yourself from picking up energy and emotions from other people so you feel like you are living your own life again
  • Have much, much stronger boundaries.



peaceMindset Shift #4:
Be slightly 'out of sync' with the world’s psychic pollution.

Skill #4:
Raise Your Vibration, Be in Sacred Space

Photo credit: Jeff Kubina

  • Know how to raise your vibration and frequency to a higher level.
  • Feel good about yourself and your life, more and more.
  • Significantly reduce that feeling of always being “bombarded” by the world around you.
  • Know how to create sacred spaces to live, create, heal, intuit, and work in.




Mindset Shift #5:
Choose not to merge unconsciously with other people.

Skill #5:
Make Your Empathic Ability Conscious

  • Be clear about what’s yours and what’s not.
  • Stop falling into thinking “What’s wrong with me now?” because you’ll know what your own emotions are and which emotions you are picking up from someone else.
  • Stop getting “hooked” by other people’s emotions.
  • Know how to work with your empathy on purpose instead of by accident, so you can use it deliberately to help other people heal and grow.
  • Stop feeling like you got run over by a truckload of emotions.
  • Know how to work with your empathy so you can tell what you’re picking up from other people and what is actually yours -- and how to get what’s not yours to leave.
  • Know how to consciously connect and disconnect from other people (as empathic sensitives, we have to learn how to do this -- it doesn’t come naturally).



skyMindset Shift #6:
Make a commitment to always follow your intuition, even if it doesn't make sense to anyone else.

Skill #6:
Discover & Use Your
Intuitive Gifts

  • Know how to recognize the voice of your intuition.
  • Trust, use, value, and rely on your intuitive gifts to help you make decisions in your life, easily.
  • Know how to work with one of the most powerful gifts of your high sensitivity -- your intuition – so it works for you as the Divine support it is meant to be.
  • Live the Divinely guided life that is your birthright.




"Jenna offers sound strategies and techniques to make a space for yourself as a sensitive being in the world."

danielle"As a result of our work together, I have become much more aware of where my energetic boundaries are.

"I am also more adept at recognizing when my energy is scattered or disconnected, and I have learned techniques to bring myself back into balance.

"Several of the exercises were very powerful in that they triggered important internal transformations and helped me to shift how I experience both my inner self and the outer world.

"Jenna offers sound strategies and techniques for working with your own energy and guides you toward creating a safe and nurturing space for yourself as a sensitive being in the world."

~ Danielle Neils
Sacramento, CA

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Embrace Your Essential Self
Phase II: Enhancement

So what's included in Phase II of the Embrace Your Essential Self Program? This course includes materials, techniques, exercises, and resources I've used so successfully with my clients over the last several years.


Here's what's included in Phase II of the program:


Six Powerful 'Sensitive Living' Modules To Give You the Tools You Need to Thrive

phase 2 logo
The core of Phase II includes six weekly "Sensitive Living" modules.
These modules focus on giving you the techniques, tricks, tips, and tools you need to thrive in this less-than-sensitive world.

These are the same materials -- though they've been updated, revised, tweaked, and improved just in time for this latest (and last) release of Phase II -- that I've time-tested with my private, one-on-one clients, and you'll have the opportunity to work through them with me and other sensitive souls.

All these materials will be yours, permanently, as part of your investment in the program.



Six Live 'Sensitive Living Practicum Sessions' With Me to Guide Your Learning

clipartDuring the course, you'll attend six 75-minute Sensitive Living Practicum telephone sessions, where you'll be able to interact directly with me and ask questions about the modules and what you are learning.

These sessions happen by phone, so it's easy to call in from the comfort of your own home to get the support you need.

All the Practicum Sessions are recorded so you even if you miss them you can access them later online.

Even if you don't have specific questions before you call in to the Live Practicum Sessions, you'll benefit by hearing from the experiences and "Ah-ha" moments of the other sensitive souls on the calls.

Here are the dates for the sessions so you can mark them into your calendar:

November 5, 12, 16, 23, 30
December 7

The beauty of this course is that it is just in time for the holidays, so you'll go into what can be a stressful season well-prepared with the tools you need to really enjoy yourself.



Weekly Virtual Coaching Connection with Jenna Online Journal To Help You Stay On Track

online journal

Each week you'll use your online tracking journal to connect with me. As your coach, I'll be able to track your results and progress right along with you.

This powerful tool will help you stay on track and accountable to your intentions for the program.

All your journaling will automatically be emailed to both of us, so we'll both be on the same page with your progress.




"I have tools now that I can use
for the rest of my life."

"For me, this phase was about PRACTICAL, PRACTICAL, PRACTICAL skills for making boundaries and managing my energy.

"I have tools now that I can use for the rest of my life.

"The most practical result of Phase II for me has been getting me into the creative space I've been wanting to be in for a long time, back in my studio.

"In Phase I, I found out what things I'm passionate about, in Phase II, I discovered ways to work with the challenges that have kept me from living fully in my life!

"I had no idea how essential this phase would be to my journey."

~ Lori Tapia
Musician, Highland Park, IL

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~ Special Bonuses ~

As my gifts to you, I'm also including several bonuses to make our time together more powerful and an even richer experience for you...

When you enroll now in the Embrace Your Essential Self program, you'll also receive these FIVE special bonuses:



Bonus #1
FOUR Sessions of Private One-on-One LASER COACHING Call-In Sessions With Me
Value: $450 Each

phoneinYou'll receive PRIVATE access to me through FOUR "Laser Coaching" Call-In Sessions. (Laser simply means focused.) During the hours I'm setting aside during the program, you'll be able to call in and ask me your questions, privately.

I'm only offering one-on-one private coaching at the Platinum level or through my Mastery Circle, so this is an opportunity not to be missed. I'm setting aside time during the course of the program so YOU can call in for some brief, focused, private, one-on-one help from me.

Your job will be to call in with a clear and focused question so we can get right to the heart of what's going on for you.

Here are the dates for the Laser Coaching Call-In Sessions so you can mark them in your calendar too:

November 9
November 17
December 3
December 14


Bonus #2
Two 90-minute Bonus Q & A Sessions
Value: $450 Each

questionsAlthough there WILL be time for questions & answers during the Practicum Calls, I’ve set time aside for these Bonus Q & A Calls specifically so I can answer YOUR questions about what you are learning. You’ll have the chance to ask them live on the call with me, and you can even send in questions before the call by email for me to answer as well.

The Q & A Sessions will be held on:

November 19
December 10



Bonus #3
Online Downloadable MP3 Recordings of ALL the Practicum and Q & A Session Calls
Value: $897

classEven if you can't attend the Practicum Sessions because you're busy or the times don't work for you, I've arranged to record ALL the Sessions so you can listen to them at your own convenience.

That way, you won't have to worry if you have a schedule conflict, or if you're behind on your assignments, because you can always listen in later on. The Practicum and Q & A Sessions will be permanently available to you, so you can listen to them as many times as you want to.

The Practicum Sessions recordings will be available usually within 24-hours of the call. You'll be able to listen to them on your computer speakers using online playback controls or by downloading them onto your iPod or MP3 player.

Considering that these materials will be the basis of a stand-alone self-study program in the future, these recordings alone will give you a valuable archive you can access at any time.



Bonus #4
Online Downloadable PDF Transcripts of ALL the Practicum Session Calls
Value: $397

In addition to the MP3 recordings of the Practicum calls, you'll also receive online access to transcripts of each of them within a few days of the call that you can read online or print out to read in a comfy armchair. Personally, as much as I love technology, I value being able to "unplug" and read something "real."



Bonus #5
Access to Private Online Community Forums Exclusively For Participants of This Program
Value: $497

You'll also have access to a private, participants-only Community Forum on my website where you can ask questions of me and other participants. I'll be monitoring the board and providing feedback and help where I can.

This is a great way to get support from other people both working on the same material AND who face similar challenges in our not-so-sensitive world.

On the forums, you'll have access to three separate areas:

  1. Support Area. There's a special section where you can post your questions for me to answer. I monitor the board every weekday to answer your questions.
  2. Community Discussion Area. You'll also access to a special area where you can support each other as you work through the Embrace Your Essential Self process together. Being a part of a group who really "gets" you is incredibly healing and nurturing.
  3. Support Archives. These archives of previous participants questions and my answers to them -- a searchable, online, Frequently Asked Questions section -- right at your fingertips!



"I am stronger and more grounded;
I am clearer about who I am and what I need."

Carissa"I learned so many valuable skills -- energy skills - grounding, clearing, shielding, ways to shift and manage my energy, and support around saying "No" more often, creating sanctuaries, ways to deal with fear, and ways to enhance my energy.

"Overall, I am stronger and more grounded. I am clearer about who I am and what I need.

"If you are considering enrolling in this program, do it!!  DON'T be intimidated by the time or money commitment - it's SO worth it.

"You will gain many useful skills and tools for dealing with all of life's troubles and difficulties.  The result is an easier life and a more positive relationship with yourself."

~ Carissa Morris, M.A.
Life Coach, Seattle, WA
Coaching for Women & LGBTQ folks

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++ PLUS ++

As a special gift for the first THREE participants to enroll, I'm offering: (Sorry, these spots are taken)

  • One 30-minute "Soul's Purpose Illumination Reading" with me (Value: $497). In this powerful hand analysis session, you'll discover:
    • Your Soul's Purpose -- exactly what it is that you were put here to do.
    • Your Life Lesson -- the overarching lesson you're working with in this lifetime.
    • Your Life School -- the particular school of life you're enrolled in, which influences both your Lesson and your Purpose.

    Before your session, we'll send you a hand printing kit so you can send in prints of your hands for my reading. These sessions will be scheduled for early December, once we have your hand prints.

  • My Crystal Clear Boundaries Checklist (Value: $47). This nifty little checklist will help you identify places where you might have boundary leaks in your life so you can start cleaning them up right away.



~ Ready to Register? ~

I'm ready to help YOU transform your relationship with yourself and your sensitivity. The real question is, are you ready to let go of struggling against yourself and your sensitivity? There's no time to waste: The world needs you Right Now.



~ Investment Options ~

For this powerful course, with all these great add-on bonuses (not to mention the powerful impact it will have on your life), the value is easily over $3497.

However, I'm making this advanced course in sensitive living and intuitive development available for only $1297.

As a special incentive for those of you who know you are ready to unlock your potential as a powerful sensitive in this world, if you register by Wednesday, October 28th, at Midnight Eastern Time (9 p.m. Pacific), I'm offering a $200 savings on the investment in the course.

And, if you choose the full pay option, there's an additional $200 savings for you as well.



"I am much more able to protect myself
against negative energy."

anne"I feel much more able to release negative energy and to protect myself against negative energy.

"I can better identify the areas in my body where I hold stagnant or negative energy.

"I feel more confidant being myself. I don't feel that I have to apologize for taking care of myself. I feel safer than I did before.

"I would like to acknowledge myself for releasing much of the power I gave to others and their opinions.

"This program has helped me to identify and accept my sensitivities and to recognize them as gifts of awareness and creativity."

~ Anne O'Connor
University Park, MD

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~ My Guarantee ~

If you have any doubts about this process, to give you peace of mind, I'm giving you my personal guarantee.

guaranteeWhat you invest in this valuable program is safely protected by my personal guarantee.

Here’s how it works:


  • Attend the Practicum and Q&A sessions.

  • Ask for help if you need it, through one or more of the support options available to you.

  • Add your voice to the Q & A periods.

  • Put the skills you are learning into practice in your life.

If you follow these guidelines to do your part and this course doesn't produce the results you were looking for, just call me at (510) 981-0697 any time in the next six months (!) from your date of purchase and let me know, and I will personally refund you out of my own pocket.





~ Enroll Now~

So I Can Finally Learn to Work With My Sensitivity Rather Than Against It


I understand I'll receive the following as a part of the program:

6 Powerful 'Sensitive Living' Modules To Give Me the Tools You Need to Thrive

6 Live "Sensitive Living Practicum Sessions" With You to Guide Your Learning

Weekly Virtual Coaching Connection with You Online Journal To Help Me Stay On Track


Plus I'll receive these bonuses:

Bonus #1
4 Private One-on-One LASER COACHING Call-In Sessions With You

Bonus #2
Two 90-minute Bonus Q & A Sessions

Bonus #3
Online Downloadable MP3 Recordings of ALL the Practicum and Q & A Session Calls

Bonus #4
Online Downloadable PDF Transcripts of ALL the Practicum Session Calls

Bonus #5
Access to Private Online Community Forums Exclusively For Participants of This Program

AND, if I'm one of the first THREE participants to register, I'll receive: (Sorry, these spots are taken)

  • A Soul's Purpose Illumination Reading, including my Soul's Purpose, Life Lesson, and Life School Hand Analysis
  • Your Crystal Clear Boundaries Checklist




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Embrace Your Essential Self
Phase II

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By registering for this program, you acknowledge that all calls will be recorded and transcribed and may be used for home study product development.

Full tuition is $1297

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~ An Important Note ~

This is the only time I plan to offer this
course in this live, online format, so don't miss this chance to work with the support of an experienced, sensitive living expert and coach.


Please join me!





Jenna Avery
“The Life Coach for Sensitive Souls”



PS - If you're just not sure about this program, I invite you contact me with your questions. Just send me an email or call me at 510-981-0697 I'll happily answer your inquiries.




PPS - I truly believe in the power of this approach to make a huge difference in your life, and I'd love to have you participate. And consider this: What's the cost of NOT taking a chance on creating a life that truly works for you?

Sensitives pay high spiritual, emotional, psychic, and sometimes even physical costs for living lives that are out of alignment with who we truly are and our sensitivity. Please give yourself the chance to be a happier, healthier, highly sensitive soul and register now for this important program.



Disclaimer: The materials and information offered on by this program are intended for educational purposes only. They are not intended as a substitute for needed medical, psychological, or psychiatric treatment or counseling.

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